Updating nextar

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You can perform the map update simply and instantly via Toolbox, and you can drive using the latest maps available for your navigation device even today.

Using up-to-date maps, you may reduce the average fuel consumption of your vehicle by up to 12 per cent.

Nextar is an affiliate of Tofasco SM, a rapidly growing company that sells products worldwide in a variety of industries.

For further information regarding Nextar, visit its website at call toll free 888-849-0846.

Susan van Barneveld / Rita Lee Public Communications/Worldwide Work: (714) 891-3660 All products/services and trademarks mentioned in this release are the properties of their respective companies.

Hello My name is XXXXX to I would like to answer your question for you You will have to contact Nextar to check if there is any for the device, there is a statement on their website saying, Quote: Please contact Nextar support to see if there is any maps available for your deviceun Quote: Below are the contact numbers for Nextar for you, Technical Support1-888-849-0846Technical Support (For U. Only)0800-047-0126 They will advise you wether you can update or not, by my knowledge there are no updates for the device, but I would rather you ring them to confirm this Hope this helps All the best Regards Richard.

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