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And with no full-time starters returning this season, that’s certainly been the case again.

The dedication adhered permanently to the soil which was released by it from all other religious obligations and was withdrawn from profane use.

The anniversary of the dedication was celebrated annually by a sacrifice.

Among the equipments of the temple was a massive altar, sacrificial tables, movable heaths for fire, sacrificial utensils and other objects, which were dedicated at the same time as the temple.

This theory suffers, however, from the fatal uncertainty as to the date the day of dedication fell on.

Moreover, the instances in which it has lately been possible to determine the unknown god occupying a temple of known position, so as to test the correctness of this hypothesis, have proven unfavorable to it. At the same time, however, it remains a fact that the orientation of the temple was universally customary, just as it was later in the case of the Christian church.

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