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Here are some key points of advice I’ve gleaned on the hunt for Mr. Listen up, sisters: Through the mazes of apps and dating profiles – yes, she’s guilty – consider their vocab a metaphorical traffic signal.

Here is where I’m putting my Creative Writing degree to use: “green light” means he uses words like “transgender” and “transwomen”and is up-to-date on the North Carolina bathroom situation, the Orlando Pulse massacre, and other human rights issues.

of Tallahassee, Florida frequently ask about my life in Los Angeles.

In the South, if a man finds out you’re going stealth — AKA not honest about being transgender — you can end up dead real quick. You’re not bound by your gender identification, and only you can decide when you feel it’s appropriate and safe for you to do it.The expectation for a lot of transwomen is for them to adhere to this doll-like, hyper-feminine, sexual aesthetic.Some men are looking for just that: the transwoman they’ve seen in porn.If you're golfing as a single, you'll be meeting three new people (most likely men) and odds are in your favor that at least one of them is single.(The Census Bureau estimates that 30 percent of Americans born between 19 are single.) You'll have him all to yourself for eighteen holes, and if you like him, you can let him buy you a Bloody Mary when you finish your round.

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