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Often Essential Oils are too potent to apply directly to the skin so they are diluted in Carrier Oils to create Massage Blends.Carrier Oils gets their name because they "carry" Essential Oils to the skin during a massage.Some popular Essential Oils include lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree.We carry a wide variety of Certified Organic or All Natural Essential Oils.One of the pockets is large enough for a full 8" round bolster, and another is sized for lotions and oils.More than enough room to bring everything you need!Some of our other massage table competitors have only one leg adjuster on their massage tables, but we have two!

Air Lite Body Choice, Multi-Purpose Deluxe Body Choice 4.

Extra handle located on the top corner to roll with ease.

Oval Deluxe Body Choice, Oval Deluxe Body Choice Package 6.

Essential Oils are highly concentrated and are often diluted in Carrier Oil in order to safely apply them to the skin.

Essential Oils have many therapeutic effects and have been used as healing agents for centuries.

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