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In the UK prisoners can also be placed on a home detention curfew, be expected to permanently reside at a pre-approved address and need to obtain prior permission for a stay of one or more nights at a different address.(PA)Yet even in platonic cases the lines can get blurred.In short, the fantasy of these type situations rarely match the reality.Similarly there are women who are fascinated with writing to an ‘A’ list prisoner, those who make misguided attempt to understand the man behind the monster.

Or manipulative sociopaths living vicariously through ‘celebrity’ prisoners?He's a dream lover, a phantom limb." However there are those who do succeed in establishing a ‘real life’ relationship with the stranger they’ve connected with.It does occur - but as Cavendish points out, these instances are rare; “There are just too many variables, including licence conditions that severely restrict most offenders from starting new relationships or moving their place of residence until their licence has expired.Many women (and men) choose to reach out simply to provide friendship and compassion to those behind bars.Their actions provide a much welcome lifeline, a window to the outside world.

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