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Andy Evans Sun, 0000 Right on Maitha the fix is still going strong. I spent the whole day dismantling my Sony Cyber shot and cleaning the gears. My daughter's camera was giving the same message, and she had given up on it. Tapped the camera on the kitchen work top lightly and its worked. Put it back in and turned it on and it was fixed!!! Tara Sun, 0300 thanks it work for me too Sony cybershot DC-w35bilal Thu, 0400 Thanks a lot it worked for my cam too. até que li isso, a minha felicidade aqui é de uma criana quando ganha inmeros pirulitos. At the end knocking it hard twice on the floor on a carpet on the left side of the camera helped! Tuan Tue, 0400 Wow so amazing,,, luv u matha,,, worked for me too,,,, thanks Femi Olofinte Wed, 0400 It really DOES work!!! Apparently, it was stuck and the business card did the trick by clearing the blockage. About 20-25, most of them pretty gentle, then at the end several hard bangs on the table, which finally did the trick. My wife loves it and is super stoked that she gets to use her favorite camera again.

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Thomas DMon, -0500 tap your camera on tha table twice. Then I got angry how ppl are doing it, on the floor I gave it a few whacks and VOILA.worked. Shiv Tue, 0000 Friends, This may sound crazy but it worked .... I grabbed the lens and yanked it up and down a few times - same idea. one day my son dropped it on floor (lcd side) in camra ON position . I tapped it really hard and also pulled onto the lens when it zoomed out. Jennifer Fri, 0000 I had to hit my camera hard many times, I hit the table 3-4 times and try to turn on, repeat till your camera is working. Started a little gentle (so I wont break anymore of it), tried it if it works and then repeat the process with a little more force than the last. Also mine was'nt retracting its' lens normally - it did a " bounce " out againbefore fully shutting - maybe a clue as to what was wrong CHEERS ! When I reinserted the battery and turned on the camera it worked normally!! My question to you all is, is the inner lens supposed to be loose? I gently tapped the camera a few times on the table as suggested and I'm taking pictures again! ie : just around the lens part and then I switched it on.. I was about to purchace new camera as I am now in beutiful contry and wanted to capture snap but couple of weeks back my camera catched with this 'access' error. I haven't used this camera (dsc-p10) in a few years and I was reading all these other sites about how the ccd chip or something is probably broken but they won't fix it for free anymore. So I tried to firmly move it upwards, heard a pop,and now its perfect again. I tap it very hard (after) a series of small taps, etc. You have saved me a lot of money,mur Sat, 0400 Great forum! Attempt after attempt, I could not get this trick to work. Palaniyappan Mon, 0300 It does not fix the problem. To my amazement and sheer delight - with camera upright, one firm rap on a thick carpet and Voila - error message gone! The lens comes out when you turn the camera on, it would hit the lens cap and cause damage. I tapped it with my hand but no good so two hits on the bench and presto just like new. I followed the advice of hitting it up against my hand and after about a dozen times the lens popped open! Ragan Thu, 0000 I thought I would have to get a new camera, but I wanted to see if there was an easy fix first. I didn't do that, as the water didn't get in, but may be worth remembering. WOW..ternyata dg cara melemparkannya ke meja setinggi 20 cm bisa menghidupkannya lagi.... Luckly I had mine with so we didn't loose any chances at photos but they were still bumed that their camera wasn't working. Peter Thu, 0400 The double medium tap in my hand worked perfectly! SMan Thu, 0400 Me QU1G Thanks again for the article post. i was getting so fed up, decided i'd try a couple more times and noticed the sound of the lens stopped. i am honestly baffled and thankful Kaylinn Wed, 0400 Maitha thanks a lot! And then there's the plus side of not only Maitha's good advice but the very entertaining comments one after another. i turn it off and on again and again but it is still there. Just google, found your reply tapped camera, voila it worked, brilliant. So much cheaper than the 6.50 they would charge to just look at the camera. my cams zoom is not working & error message is appearing ,after taping gently 2times it worked thanxxx manalex baby Mon, 0300 I simply can not believe this thread. One should not have to be banging or hitting the camera to make it work. 4ony doesn't seem to be what it use to Sat, 0300 I had the same problem with my Sony Cybershot DSC-H200. Mike Pfeil Wed, 0400 Took me 180 "taps" (from taps to serious hits on table/shirts/whatever solid). After finding Maitha's posting (via Google), it reminded me of how I'd previously fixed it and I "smacked its bottom" twice. I like the camera to use for impromptu photos so the error was very annoying. Same problem occured during Paris journey from Turkey. Thank you very much Maitha, i was about to strip it down. my camera broke and did this too :( and i banged it for ages and it still didnt work was gutted cos all you guys had been so successful! turn on the camera, and while the lense goes in and out for the third time...2. Thanks for the untraditional, yet very helpful advice! I came across this site and was a little disbelieving, but after reading so many positive reviews, I decided to try it. just fixed my neighbours camera with YOUR tip and made me the best looking handyman on earth :) :) THANKYOUpaul ledingham Thu, 0000 I have never been so happy in my life this actually did the trick and all I did was tap it on my arm. Tiff Mon, 0300 Saya jga punya masalah yg sama pada SONY CYBERSHOT DSC-W35 saya....."TURN OF POWER AND ON POWER AGAIN" Wow... I came across this site and thought I'd try wacking. Tracy Mon, 0400 i was tired of it because it wasnot working tapping many times and hitting on table as well. I looked all over the net trying to find a way to correct that "Camera error please turn off then on..." error message with my NEX 6. I tried tapping it on the table and in my hand to no avail. Double GThu, 0300 Thank you every one for the comments and suggestions. We traditionally solve problems with radio, cd player etc with banging on it. I read your suggestion and tried the "tap" trick and now it works!! But the battery had charge.sheena Thu, 0000 Wow i cant believe this worked for my camera... I have a Super steady shot dsc-h2 and no amount of whacking or palm striking is working. Being an Electrical Engineer who took advanced work in optics I am sure this part was built by an the machine Mon, 0000 I had to hit the bottom of the camera on my knee for a while (when the camera was on), but hitting it worked nonetheless. My old W70 was kept alive by this technique (which, by the way, I didn't get from here) for another 4 months after it initially had trouble, which was also after it had already undergone a lens replacement under warranty by SONY, then failed again another four months after that for the same thing. Of course, I think it was pretty much already dead and I have had two more cameras since. I made sure that the next cameras I bought would take the same batteries. How many of you have high relative humidity where you live? Is it because i started using the camera without even charging the batttery? I dented the peice of wood with the camera and sure enough it worked. LBSun, 0400 I did this same thing back in 2008 or so with a DSC-W70 (my second DSC series camera) and it worked. It's working okay, but I am about to try it on my even older DSC-W50, which I still have. Questions for all if you ever come back and read this: How many of you took your camera to the beach or a sandy place?

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