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This can be configured with the TCA options "MM_has Uid Field" (See TYPO3 Core API) - With bidir-MM relations the reference index on the "native" side is now updated when "opposite side" relations are edited. If you depend on the reference index, update it nightly with cronjobs.) * - Cleaner was updated to sort output - makes better diff-views now.

(The only known problem for this is when workspaces publishes such a record, then the ref. * - Added feature to configure the TTL for preview links in workspaces.

0430) which caused wrong data to be saved in time/datetime fields.

2008-02-25 Michael Stucki * Follow-up on issue #7526: Add configuration option $TYPO3_CONF_VARS[BE][login News Title] to t3lib/config_(Thanks to Steffen Kamper) * Follow-up on issue #6037: Replace leading character (makes sure that strpos() result is not 0) with result type check (Thanks to Oliver Hader) 2008-02-23 Oliver Hader * Fixed bug #7445: Malformed translated locallang causes PHP crash (thanks to Francois Suter) * Issue #7307: Bugfixes for "Open Documents" extension - Part 1 - Changed get Set Update Signal() function in t3lib_BEfunc and added hook possibility - Used hook for tx_opendocs to be updated when opening & closing a document - Several bugfixes and new features for tx_opendocs 2008-02-22 Jeff Segars About modules and improve existing warning messages * Fixed bug #7605: Backend Alignment Problems in Internet Explorer * Fixed bug #7598: Fix module menu alignment and hover in Internet Explorer 2008-02-22 Ingo Renner * Fixed bug #7587: Accesscheck for Workspaceselector, credits Steffen Kamper * Fixed bug #7588: Accesscheck for clear Cache * Added feature #7592: Enable tabs for be_users, credits Francois Suter * Added feature #6846: enable Tabs in tt_content, credits Steffen Kamper * Fixed bug #7608: Keys for clear-cache labels must be renamed * Fixed bug #6885: Nested USER_INT, COA_INT, etc.

Thanks to Steffen Kamper for taking care of these issues.

* Fixed bug #7743: Install Tool: Create "admin" user did not work in 4.2-beta3 * Fixed bug #7980: Indexed Search: Fix wrong Typo Script code in plugin template 2008-04-01 Ingo Renner * Fixed bug #5998: Crawler/Index Config: hidden records are re-indexed, credits Christian Kuhn * Fixed bug #7831: List in Page module has wrong colors, credits Steffen Kamper * Changed private declarations to protected 2008-04-01 Jeff Segars * Fixed bug #7954: XCLASSing Toolbar Item does not work (thanks to Steffen Kamper) * Fixed bug #7759: XCLASSing USER_INT objects does not work * Cleaned up code of scripts in typo3/classes/ * Followup to #6087: Cleaned up code of IRRE localization * Cleaned up code of scripts in t3lib/ and typo3/ * Fixed bug #7971: Missing icon in t3skin for header - tt_content_(thanks to Steffen Kamper)fck LR * Fixed bug #7976: priori Calc does not work correctly 2008-03-31 Dmitry Dulepov * Fixed bug #7920: Filelist in IE 6 is not showing contents (thanks to Ingo Schmitt and Steffen Kamper) * Fixed bug #7957: Enable backend classes for xclassing (thanks Steffen Kamper) * Fixed bug #7962: Add icon to selected entry (currently icons are only shown in dropdown) (thanks to Kasper Ligaard) 2008-03-28 Stanislas Rolland * Fixed bug #4250: ASCII transliteration did not expand Iclandic letters thorn and eth.

2008-02-04 Stanislas Rolland * (feature) Added feature #5242: IRRE - Storage page for child records * (minor) Fixed bug #7029: tslib_c Obj uses deprecated function call_user_method * (feature) Added feature #6472: IRRE - Possibility to manipulate control items for each child records * (minor) Fixed bug #7371: Query generator does not accept dates in where condition * (tweak) Followup to #6087: Added missing labels Localizable and Removed In Original * (tweak) Followup to #7350: Fixed type to match with t3lib_div::array_merge_recursive_overrule() 2008-02-03 Dmitry Dulepov * Followup to #7361: Reset button has now a JS confirm question * Followup to #7346: opendocs top menu only is included once now * Feature #7346: Added "Open Documents" menu in top bar of new BE, made module optional * Followup to #7361: Save button was moved to bottom again * Followup to #7361: One CSH was still on the wrong line * Fixed #7361: Overhauled User setup module.Not critical but built up garbage in Flex Form XML (the XML can be cleaned with the lowlevel_cleaner or manually per recording using the Content Menu Item "Flex Form XML") 2008-02-01 Kasper Skaarhoj * Feature added to disable automatic update of diff data for translation when saving records. Feature is called "explicit Confirmation Of Translation" in $TYPO3_CONF_VARS * Added option for custom message in the logout message for workspace previews. 2008-02-01 Bernhard Kraft * Added feature #7323: New Styling for Module Menu (patch by Steffen Kamper) * Fixed module menu in IE * Added acss rule to t3skin to fix checkbox styles in IE7 * Added feature #7267: Shortcut manager - shortcut icon should reflect record type * Added Event.stop() to toggle functions of the toolbar items to prevent adding a # to the browser's location bar 2008-01-31 Kasper Skaarhoj * Bugfixes to MM-relations, among other in workspaces (Bugs #3531 / #3907 solved) class.t3lib_- Most importantly - and depending on changes in class.t3lib_- is that MM-relations are now swapped when publishing in a workspace.This bug has been known as #3531 and #3907 for a while.This enables that backend users can still be edited while in a workspace. * - Also, the User Admin module is now available in draft workspaces * tcemain: - Fixed bug in flexform traversal that resulted in the new DHTML powered flexforms to fail.- Notification emails for raising stages of versions has been modified with new features; Custom message, one-message only per instance (if multiple elements are raised in one time), * Fixed bug related to workspaces; When previewing a page in workspaces, any page in the root line being hidden (online or offline version) would result in a "Template not found" error.

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