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We impress upon our children the goal of success – and then define it in ways that will leave them spiritually unfulfilled.

We compare the salaries of our educators and our spiritual leaders to the titans of Wall Street, the stars of the sports world and the famous entertainment figures and we have no trouble discerning what the world round about us most reveres.

Both of these threats to the survival of civilization were clearly addressed and outlawed by the sixth commandment.

There was a time when people understood that marriage meant commitment and vows of mutual fidelity were the greatest guarantors of lifelong happiness.

Today it is the critic of depraved actions who is condemned for his bigoted lack of tolerance. Dostoyevsky understood it well when he wrote in The Brothers Karamazov “Without God, all is permissible.” “I am the Lord your God” is number one on the list of 10 because without that as #1, all you have left is zero.

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How is it that all teenagers today are so certain they know far more about life than the ones who raised them?

No truly pious person could ever believe that a good God would sanction placing explosives at the finish line of a marathon race so that innocent runners would have their legs blasted off and blameless bystanders be permanently maimed or killed.

No true servant of God could ever defame His holy name by using it to justify the suicide bombings and the horrific murders that have become the 21 century examples of religious fanaticism.

It is a crime that besmirches all religion because it attributes wickedness to the Almighty.

It is the third commandment that is so brazenly violated by all the acts of terrorism ostensibly committed in the name of God.

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