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The images created depict contractility (amplitude) and contraction sequence (phase).The amplitude image portrays the maximum net count variation for each pixel during the cardiac cycle.A patient’s LVEF and other quantitative information are obtained from the best separation left anterior oblique view.Quantitation begins with a determination of the net counts in the region of the ventricle for each frame in the study.The region should not include or overlap any other structures, namely the septal border of the right ventricle, great vessels, or atrium.The background region should appear in the same place on all frames, representing the average activity behind the LV.This method is subjective, very dependent upon the visual determination of a border by the operator.The ROI generated for each frame of the cardiac cycle should include all of the left ventricle.

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These programs work very well when there is a good target-to-background ratio.The left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) is a sensitive indicator of left ventricular function.Ejection fraction (%) = [ED (net) – ES (net)] ÷ ED x 100 This is defined as the fraction of the left ventricular end-diastolic volume expelled during contraction.The normal range for the left ventricle is 50-75%, the right side is about 45%.PHASE AND AMPLITUDE The illustration shows the concept of phase and amplitude.

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