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The folder selection changed and the background slideshow resumed functioning normally.I also deleted the slideshow file under C:\Users\SDB\App Data\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Themes So I recently installed the Windows 10 preview to try out and when I tried to customise my background with the usual background slideshow I use on Windows 7 the folder I choose to use does not work. Oddly enough it seemed to work before with the default picture set, but when I tried to set it to a folder in my One Drive it doesn't switch over, and not even any other folder works.I've looked all over for a way to do this to no avail. 3) Is there a better picture viewer app I can DL to my computer? edit * If there is a thread already addressing this please post a link... In the personalization window after clicking "browse." I was using a quick access shortcut on the left of the explorer window to make the new folder selection. I was able to resolve the problem by selecting the drive where the folder is stored and browsing to the folder I wanted to select instead of using the shortcut.

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It looked something like this: This thing had a low quality display, but overall it met my needs.

I finally hit the jackpot with drware's post 'DIY: Digital Picture Frame' at

He (I know, I'm only assuming it's a he) did not use a Raspberry Pi in his build, instead he re-purposed an old laptop.

The gold in drwares' article are the set of bash shell scripts that he has kindly made available to the public.

Having these scripts meant I wouldn't need to figure out how to write bash shell scripts from scratch.

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