An error occurred while setup was updating partition information

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The chkdsk utility checks for hard drives integrity and can attempt to fix various file system errors.

To run chkdsk on a Windows XP system, follow these steps: If chkdsk doesn’t fix the “A disk read error occurred” error, you can also try to run the bootrec utility in order to fix damaged or corrupt BCD files.

Now, you have an active partition as well as primary partition. Twitter new skills Reason: Sometimes, if you set SATA controller mode incorrectly (with incorrect drive mode, the very disk cannot be used normally), you will also get the error "Setup was unable to create a new system partition". IDE is considered adequate for the average computer user, and is the most compatible with other technology, particularly older devices. AHCI supports some important new features that IDE does not, such as native command queuing and hot-plugging hard drives.

Changing the mode to correct state would be a solution. It also offers an improvement performance (speed) over IDE.

Of course, not all reasons are covered here, and this post just introduces those we have found so far.

Knowing the exact reason, you can solve the problem with ease.

To test if your hard disk is failing or it’s already failed, use Easy Recovery Essentials’ Automated Repair.

Automated Repair process will report any issues found with your hard disk or RAM memory: To download Easy Recovery Essentials, click here.

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an error occurred while setup was updating partition information-31

Step 2: In this window, select the logical partition and then click "" to perform all changes.

Here, this post will show 3 possible reasons in order.

(as below) As we know, logical partitions can also be used to install Windows, but there must be a primary partition to save boot files.

For the same reasons, the partition table may become misconfigured.

If that’s the case, it is possible to rebuild the partition table from scratch to make sure system loads correctly. Some of the solutions below require the use of the Microsoft Windows setup CD or DVD.

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